JadeXplorer - a Lightweight Inventory Catalogue

A simple, lightweight inventory catalogue for IT-related assets.

Catalogue Assets

Keep your assets up-to-date with automatic scripts to keep track of changing information. Deploy PowerShell scripts through Group Policy to automatically catalogue and track assets. macOS compatability coming soon.

Keep Track of Users

See where your users log in and when. Track activity and asset restarts. With different statistics on each asset page, you know when and how often your devices are being used.

Create and Modify Assets

Add assets manually to keep track of non-computer things. Modify existing assets to add location information, add notes, or correct data when needed.

Detailed Statistics

View detailed statistics on your overall assets. See your total inventory count, total devices running on select operating systems, and even which assets are most used.


April 9, 2019 - Account settings are now more feature-rich. Password changes can be done directly from account settings.
April 8, 2019 - Moving older parts of the website to a flatter design.